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Don’t DIY: Cases Where Professional Plumbers in Perth are Called For

Don’t DIY: Cases Where Professional Plumbers in Perth are Called For

All homeowners need to know a thing or two about home repairs. Case in point: patching up a leaky pipe. Of course, there are plumbing emergencies where do-it-yourself fixes won’t suffice and a professional Perth plumber has to be called in. This helpful article from AngiesList.com highlights a few of those cases:

Need Plumber

“Stubborn drain clogs

You can try using a combination of vinegar and baking soda or a plunger, but if the clog fails to dislodge – you should call a plumber. Clogs render your appliances unusable and can cause serious damage to your home. Plumbers have an arsenal of tools to efficiently remove drain clogs.

No hot water

If you try to turn your hot water on, and there is none, you need to call a plumber. Problems with the hot water heater generally require the assistance of a plumber. Even a small plumbing repair on a water heater is difficult to fix when you’re inexperienced.

Replacing the tub

Although replacing your bathtub looks like a simple process, it’s definitely harder than it looks. The installation process is quite involved and takes plenty of time. Just call a professional and save yourself the hassle.”

As you can see, attempting these repairs yourself is not only time consuming, your inexperience may also cause bigger problems in the process. What other plumbing repairs require professional servicing? Below are three more to take note of:

Low Water Pressure

Does your faucet release a trickle of water instead of a strong stream? This issue may be caused by pipe obstructions (due to debris or rusting), leaks, or even poor supply-line design. Since these problems exist underground, only plumbers in Perth can ascertain the cause and recommend a suitable solution.

Backed Up Sewer Water

Your home’s plumbing system not only conveys clean water into your home, it also carries away waste water. When your main line becomes backed up, however, the dirty water will find its way back into your home—via your tub or shower. If you don’t fancy bathing in waste water, call a plumber immediately.

Shower Valve Problems

Speaking of showers, they, too, will encounter plumbing problems eventually. If that issue happens to be a faulty shower valve—which is embedded in your bathroom walls—you’ll definitely want to call a professional to replace it. The plumber will recommend the correct replacement valve for your shower and conduct the repair with the least amount of damage to your walls.

(Source: 5 repairs that need a plumber, AngiesList.com, August 16, 2012)

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