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Hiring a Plumber in Perth for a Bathroom Renovation Job at Your Home

Hiring a Plumber in Perth for a Bathroom Renovation Job at Your Home

The onset of summer–and the end of the year–may be a good time to consider some plumbing work at home, like a bathroom renovation. Known home remodelling writer Alex Brooks stated in her website, Renovation Planning, that such jobs require plenty of finesse and planning, which can only be possible with the help of a plumbing company like 13 Plumber Perth:

Bathroom renovation has a critical sequence of events to be followed in order to achieve a great result that doesn’t stress or worry the builder or home owner.

The various components of a bathroom renovation – waterproofing, tiling, plumbing rough-in, lighting – must all be sequenced in the right order to allow the right trade to be on site at the right time.

Key milestones are set throughout the project to check off critical stages of work to prepare the next stage to commence.

This prevents any unnecessary mistakes which would otherwise delay the project to be rectified.

Location Strip Down
The location of the bathroom marked for a renovation is essential for your plumber to determine part of the quote for labour – and the entire job cannot be done over the course of one afternoon. Brooks said that some complications must be identified and acted upon if the bathroom is on the second floor or in a space-limited section of the house. Take the opportunity to clear out the bathroom of all hindrances to the job (such as the tiles when you’re considering new tiles).

Have the bathroom plumbing grid assessed for any problems and whether it needs an upgrade. This may be a chance to replace some old piping, but your team will have to do some intensive rearrangements on the place.


A vital element of a bathroom renovation will be to set fresh waterproofing to ensure that water will not seep to the other sections of the house. Per Australian industry standards, Brooks recommended that the waterproofing membrane should stay undisturbed for one day after installation to have the greatest possible protection.

Some electrical appliances may even be used in the new bathroom. In line with this, coordinate with an electrician to make sure that the placements of power sockets and lighting fixtures are at a considerable distance from water sources.

A renovation that goes according to plan and produces the desired results will be the kindest on your budget. In a time when more water conservation efforts are needed, quality plumbing in Perth is worth the investment when you call firms such as Plumber Perth for the job.

(Source: 5 things to know about scheduling a bathroom renovation, Renovation Planning)

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