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It’s Important to Call a Perth Plumber Right Away for Drain Blockages

It’s Important to Call a Perth Plumber Right Away for Drain Blockages

A couple of hundred miles from Perth lies the city of Geraldton, and it currently has a serious sewer problem that makes daily life in the town practically unbearable. ABC News reported that the town of Utakarra has been plagued by foul odours coming from a nearby sewer for more than a year, yet efforts by the Water Corporation (the company which built the sewer) to fix the problem have been ineffective. The situation has become so severe that traces of poisonous hydrogen sulphide have been detected emanating from the toilets in local homes.

Sewer that smells like death on fast track to repair

Although this problem is presumably caused by a defect in the town’s sewer mains, it can also occur on a much smaller scale at home. Toilet and drain blockages, in particular, can also result in nasty smells or overflows, which can be prevented by asking a reliable plumber in Perth, like a professional from the aptly-named Plumber Perth, for assistance. While it’s possible for home owners to fix such problems by themselves, relying on a trained specialist is a more prudent option. This is because blockages are caused by a number of factors, which ordinary people will find difficult to distinguish on their own.

The most common cause of toilet and drain blockages are foreign objects that get stuck in one segment of the plumbing system, like toilet paper, soaps, nappies, toys, and even toilet brushes. The debris have to be cleared manually to prevent them from damaging the plumbing system any further. However, blockages can also occur if the system itself has water flow issues due to faulty pipe installation or DIY plumbing repairs. A plumbing system that forces water to go “uphill” can also be expected to have a water flow problem at some point, prompting the need to hire a plumber to install a more efficient system.

All of this could have been prevented if the Utakarra home owners carried out plumbing inspections beforehand; this is another service offered by plumbers from Perth and other areas. Plumbing professionals use CCTV, sensors, and other technologies to identify problems in pipe systems, issues which would otherwise go unattended by ordinary people. In fact, Western Australia’s Department of Commerce even encourage sewer and drain inspections to be carried out during the construction of new dwellings for the safety and benefit of their soon-to-be owners.

Without plumbers, home owners in Perth and elsewhere can expect to experience the same problems plaguing the town of Utakarra. Only this time, they only have themselves and their inaction to blame for the foul odours.

(Source: Sewer that ‘smells like death’ on fast track to repair, WA Water Minister says, ABC News, August 26, 2014)

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