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Looking into the Loo: Common Perth Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Looking into the Loo: Common Perth Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Many homeowners in Western Australia’s capital city find that of all the plumbing problems that they regularly encounter, loo troubles seem to be one of the most common, which can range from running toilet water to pipe leaks. Reputable Perth plumbing professionals from established companies like 13 Plumber Perth specialise in ridding your home of catastrophic, potentially costly plumbing issues, but did you know that there are simple fixes you can try yourself?

troubleshooting common toilet problems

Phantom Flushes

Phantom flushes occur when your loo seems to randomly and spontaneously refill itself as if someone has flushed it. When this happens, you can almost be certain that there’s a very slow leak occurring from the tank into the bowl. This is most likely caused by a broken or worn flapper, so check it and if necessary, have it replaced.

Little Water

Sometimes, there seems to be very little water in the tank for you to use when flushing the loo—in this case, you should check the water level in the tank to make sure that it reaches the overflow tube, otherwise, bend the float arm a bit until more water can get into the tank. The tank’s ball over the flush valve seat might also be the cause of the problem.

Running Loo

Here are some simple solutions to a constantly running loo, according to About.com writer Bob Formisano:

  • • Lift chain is disconnected from handle lever or is kinked preventing the flush ball or flap from properly seating
  • • Water level in tank is too high and water is running into overflow pipe. Adjust water level in tank.
  • • Flush valve not sealing. Inspect tank ball or flapper ball and replace if worn or soft.
  • • Make sure tank ball lift wire is straight and that tank ball is dropping onto the center of the flush valve opening.
  • • Plunger or diaphragm type ballcock is not shutting off completely. Bend float arm to push float ball more into water.

Clogged Toilet

In case of a blocked toilet, your fist line of defence should always be the plunger—to operate, make sure that there’s enough water in the bowl to cover the rubber suction cup, place the plunger directly over the drain hole, and start pumping up and down. If there isn’t enough water, don’t flush the toilet, rather, simply supply the water from an outside source like a bucket or a hose.

Of course, should the problem be more than you can handle, don’t hesitate to call for help and hire a reliable plumber in Perth. Always try to deal with your loo’s problems before your water bill comes, and you find that you’re paying for much more than you’re actually using.

(Source: Troubleshooting Common Toilet Problems, About.com)

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