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Perth Plumbers Warn Against Flushing these Objects Down the Drain

Perth Plumbers Warn Against Flushing these Objects Down the Drain

Your home’s toilet may seem like the perfect place to dispose most of your garbage; in one press of the button, every undesirable objects you never wish to see again goes away along with the toilet water. However, most objects are better off properly disposed on bins rather than on your drains, for it can lead to plumbing problems that will need attention from Perth plumbers. If left unattended, it may not only damage the property’s sewage line, but also the structure itself.

Flushing Toilet

Among the most common items usually flushed down the toilet include human waste and toilet paper, and most sewer lines are made to dispose of these materials. However, there are a lot of objects that often end up in the sewers that do not belong there in the first place.

Hygienic Objects

Baby wipes, Band-Aids, cotton buds, tampons, and even dental floss are just some of the items that are usually found in the sewers via the toilet drain, although it shouldn’t be in it in the first place. Cotton buds and tampons, in particular, cannot break down as easily as toilet paper, and while it might take some time for these to accumulate in your pipes, when it does amass into a clog, it could be quite difficult to remove. Moreover, tampons or other feminine hygienic supplies can become too thick for your plumbing, given their absorbent nature.

Band-Aids, on the other hand, are made of non-biodegradable materials (along with dental floss), and could end up tangling with hair and fat, which could make an even bigger blockage.


The next time you consider flushing down the core of your finished apple, it’s best to just dump it in the bin where it belongs. Although food is generally biodegradable, it can still lump together on your plumbing, causing blockages and clogs. Grease and other fat materials are also unwise to flush down your toilet, for it congeals once it cools down, turning into masses which could cause serious plumbing problems.


Your deceased pet fish deserves something better than a toilet drain: pets such as goldfish, hamsters, and gerbils, like most objects listed above, could lead to clogs and blockages.

These are just among the most common objects flushed down the toilet that cause bigger plumbing problems. If you suspect that your drainage woes are caused by these objects, calling a plumber in Perth immediately, such as those found in 13 Plumber Perth, can save you from bigger problems caused by a clogged drain.

(Source: What not to flush down the toilet, Mother Nature Network)

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