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Plumber Perth Explains How to Choose the Right Toilet

Have you ever noticed how some toilets never seem to flush properly like they use to? In the olden days, you could just about flush whatever you wanted to, and your toilet would handle it. This practice would not have gone down too well with the city council who were getting a whole lot of dirty diapers in the waste disposal system. In our modern era, toilets are made to be more efficient. Due to this, it has lost a lot of its former flushing power. As you may have guessed, it would more often than not require experience plumber Perth contractors to correct any flow problems.


How Does a Toilet Operate?

Thanks to gravity, the water you flush would gain enough momentum to clear the air from within the toilet trap, and thereby pull both the waste and water into the drain area. Older toilets would pretty much work the same way, except for the fact that they used a lot more water to get the same job done.


Is There a Way to Ensure the Toilet Remains Clear?

The truth of the matter is that, regardless of how many times you try to adjust the flow of your toilet, every now and again you will encounter a blockage. You would either have to become super efficient in using your plunger, or contact a reputed plumber Perth contractor every time. It is pretty obvious that you need to ensure that everyone only put toilet paper and bodily waste down your toilet. Many a time, clogs are caused by sanitary napkins, wipes, diapers, and so forth. Furthermore, care should be taken that not too much toilet paper is left in the toilet bowl. Often times, even after flushing, toilet paper would remain in the bowl area. You may want to invest in a power-assist toilet to solve this problem.


Tips Provided by Plumber Perth Contractors for Choosing Better Toilets

Besides you normal gravity toilets and the very powerful flush toilets, you also get some special varieties to choose from. An example would be a bidet/toilet combo where you will get a flush of water to wash you off, and you can look forward to a nice rush of warm air to assist in drying you up as well.

You also get toilets that consist of special heating units to ensure your seat stays warm. Other makes come equipped with air purifiers to ensure fresh air is produced while you are busy using the toilet. Some makes would even flush automatically when you shut the lid. To save space, you can even select a triangular shaped toilet that will fit snugly into corner of your bathroom to save space. With all these choices, there will definitely be something for your to make your selection from. These are just some of the suggestions made by plumber Perth contractors.

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