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Trust a Perth Plumber to Install a Cost-Saving Dishwasher in your Home

Trust a Perth Plumber to Install a Cost-Saving Dishwasher in your Home

Dishwashers are almost an essential appliance in most kitchens. Environmental and power concerns, however, prompt some homeowners to choose more energy-efficient models. In a guest article for Realestate.com.au, Anne Armensin said that while energy-efficient dishwashers are expensive at first, they provide more value in the long run.

Trust a Perth Plumber to Install a Cost-Saving Dishwasher in your Home

Perth residents understand the rationale for certain upgrades in the home. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that around 40% of households in the City of Lights owned a dishwasher, with half of these households comprising at least three people each. When you are in the market for a brand-new dishwasher for your home, a Perth plumbing outfit like those from 13 Plumber Perth will be able to help you set it up.

Sense of Normality

When shopping for a new dishwasher, your unit seller may discuss with you about the “normal” wash programme for each machine, which ranges between 60 minutes to as long as five hours. In the language of dishwashers, this is the basic routine where temperatures in the chamber go between 40 degrees Celsius and 50°C, and as high as 65°C for the more advanced models. Many dishwashers often link to a single cold-water line, which can be heated up when turned on to aid in the cleaning.


Dishwasher units typically have dimensions of 600 millimetres by 600mm by 880mm, but a closer look at your preferred seller’s options may include slimline models that can be hidden behind the lower kitchen cabinets. You need units whose baskets have between 12 and 15 slots. Water usage per cycle ranges from 10.2 litres to 22.7 litres.


Professionals at plumbing in Perth like 13 Plumber Perth take pride in a whole range of associated services, including installing an energy-efficient dishwasher. They will also account for the proper ventilation options for the unit, as well as take heed of building guidelines, such as taking the dishwasher’s power cord away from the dishwasher’s chamber and secured into an isolated power outlet. A wastewater conduit will be accounted for as well.


Consulting with your plumber about the right dishwasher can help you choose from options that offer longer lasting service life or those that run with more efficiency. It helps to understand the industry ratings, too. Dishwashers last up to ten years on average. Armensin compared a 15-slot dishwasher with a 4.5-star rating, and a 12-slot unit at 1.5 stars. She noted that the higher-ranked unit had lower annual energy usage than the other unit at 206 kilowatt-hours, which can result in savings of $845 over ten years. Make every last dollar count when spending on utilities. A skilled plumber will help you find a way.

(Source: How to: Choose a dishwasher based on energy ratings, RealEstate.com.au)

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